Common Muay Thai Injuries And How To Avoid Them

If you’re involved in any kind of martial art, you’re bound to get a few injuries over time. However, by being careful and responsible, these can be kept to a minimum.

If you’ve been searching online for “Muay Thai near me” and are ready to start whipping yourself into shape, then here are a few of the types of common injuries you can expect to encounter and ways to prevent them.

The important thing to remember is that your body will adapt to the physical demands of muay thai the more you practise, thereby reducing the incidence of injuries.


Contusions, otherwise known as bruises, are probably the most common type of injury you’ll encounter in any kind of contact sport. In Muay Thai, this is no different, although its occurrence can be significantly reduced through training and wearing the right gear.

Adequate protective gear, such as gloves, shin guards, and headgear, can help a lot to reduce the amount of bruising you have to endure during sparring. Furthermore, by working on improving your defensive techniques, you can minimise the impact of strikes and thereby reduce the damage you take.

Sprains And Strains

Strains, which occur when a ligament gets damaged, and strains, which occur when a muscle or tendon is hurt, are common injuries in most sports. Generally, these types of injuries are more likely to occur when an athlete has not stretched adequately and is not properly warmed up.

In Muay Thai, sprains and strains occur most commonly during highly dynamic movements, such as kicking, twisting, or pivoting. It is essential to warm up to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve their flexibility.

Joint Injuries

In Muay Thai, joint injuries can occur when those joints are suddenly impacted very hard or subjected to excessive stress through overuse. The joints most at risk are the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

The way to prevent these kinds of injuries is first through careful and dedicated training so that you learn to use your body correctly and defensively. This makes it less likely that you will make the kinds of mistakes that cause joint injuries, reducing the chance of hyperextension or twisting injuries.

The second key way to protect your joints is to strengthen the surrounding muscles through exercise and conditioning. Exercises that target the rotator cuff muscles, such as the hamstrings, calf muscles,quadriceps, and biceps, are particularly beneficial in this regard.

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